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Oreo Cream cheese truffles

Category: Dessert

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Oreo Cream cheese truffles
Oreo Cream cheese truffles

Party dish and happy Valentines day treats to say I love you!

A block of cream cheese, low fat.
What ever chocolate you desire bit I like to use milk chocolate or dark.
A stick
A piece of sheet baby
rolling pin
ziplock bag.

Take the cookies and place them all in a ziplock proof bag that you going to break them up while you can make chunky or real fine.When they are smooth you place them in bowel and you need cream cheese to be of room temperature or will nose mix well.During that time, take a small bot with low heat and use chocolate, some like to put nuts inside so that ok and it will only make it better. With it melted leave while mixing the cream cheese ad crushed cooked. With them finally sticking together take a gab and roll them into small little balls that you need to attacked with a stick or form to dip these with.Remember this it going need at least 2 coatings. Place them carefully onto the baking sheet paper that I would suggest on the side were stuck it with the stick.Once they are all made you may place them in the fridge but if you want sprinkles and stuff for a topping then it should always been done during the time before you refrigerate them.If your in a hurry then just place them in the freezer up to 30 to 34 mins and pulls out. If you like you can use a second which white chocalate if you like more combination ideas but really this is all so sweet that you'll not need anymore then what your willing to stomach for sugar.

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